Breaking down language barriers in immigrant-dense areas with translators from the community. 

PUENTES COMMUNITY TRANSLATORS is a community development initiative in NYC that trains young adults in professional translation skills to help bridge language barriers in their communities. 

Puentes empowers second generation immigrants to take pride in their existing language & culture skills and to use those skills to uplift themselves and their neighbors. We offer a 2 month training program in community translation and serve as a connector for local organizations and individuals in need of language assistance. 

2022 Community Translation Training & Internship Program 

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COVID-19 and Community Response

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Puentes is connecting local community organizations with multilingual volunteers to translate essential information for families during the global coronavirus crisis, covering community issues including anti-police brutality movement, school closures, and health protocols. 

Queens, NY is one of the hardest hit areas during the COVID-19 global emergency. Families with limited English are struggling to access essential public services due to the language barrier.  Puentes is assembling a team of volunteer translators to help local schools and community organizations translate essential information for local families.


Language Access for All

Puentes Community Translators is a community development project in Queens, NYC connecting bilingual young adults from immigrant communities with professional opportunities in translation. Puentes was launched with funding from the inaugural IIE Centennial Fellowship Award for Fulbright Alumni and a second grant from the Critical Language Scholarship Development Fund

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